March 2 2017

The second day of Autumn had us believing it was still Summer. A gorgeous sunny day with the warmth from the sun that tantalised your skin. The perfect day for our Yoga in the Park event.

Held at Melbourne’s Catani Gardens in St Kilda, only steps away from the ocean, was the tranquil escape we were aiming for. Rows of custom J.A yoga mats (black of course), adorned with white embroidered monogram towels and the coolest water bottles you will ever see, thanks to Memobottle, set the scene. Our beautiful guests, all kitted out in the own Jasmine Alexa outfits, looked like a black and white army of majestic goddesses (the photos do not lie!). The yoga, run by Adam from Body Moves was peaceful, thoughtful and allowed us all to take a much needed break from our fast paced lives. At the completion of our class, we were all left blissfully relaxed in our dopey states, and to continue with the whole body nourishment, our brunch, colourfully awaited us, and was ready to be devoured. Beautiful (yes, beautiful!) breakfast bowls, smoothies and bruschetta from Matcha Mylkbar, almost to pretty to eat, was the perfect accompaniment to the morning. A delicious end to a fulfilling morning.  Namaste!

Photography by Mark Stanjo





jasmine alexa_ yoga 2

From left: Emily Nash, Anna McEvoy, Saasha Burns, Tess Shanahan, Tully Smyth, Cheryl Law, Sanchia Sevel, Madeleine Smith


jasmine alexa_yoga 3



jasmine alexa_yoga 4



jasmine alexa_yoga5






jasmine alexa _matchmylkbar 1



jasmine alexa _matchmylkbar 2



jasmine alexa yoga group

Back row from left: Klara Belle, Madeleine Smith, Lucy Brownless, Ruby Brownless, Lillian Van Der Veen, Sarah Czarnuch, Lidia Siev, Cheryl Law, Stephanie Shreevey, Jasmine Gescheit

Front row from left: Bianca Lochrie, Emily Nash, Sanchia Sevel, Tully Smyth, Lisa Hamilton, Anna McEvoy, Amy Lee, Paris Riddle, Saasha Burns