This is me.

‘This Is Me’ is about building a community of strong, fearless and brave women! 1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues, yet it is deemed taboo to talk about. We believe that the discussions around mental health should be had, and they should be normalised and natural. ‘This is me’ is a place to open up that dialogue and start the much needed discussion.

Below, women from all walks of life, have shared their stories about their beliefs, their hardships and their strengths. They are honest and open about their lives, and give insightful tips on how everyone can face their own battles head on.

By reading these inspiring stories, it will lift and provide a sanctuary of hope and support. To empower each other, is to empower yourself. Please share your story too and join the community!

We aim to inspire those who need inspiring and create an open dialogue of discussions about mental health….So, lets talk!