words by
Julia Giampietro
From Triple White

Offering not-so-basic basics with a sport luxe edge, Jasmine Alexa is one to watch when it comes to premium activewear. First launching exclusively to Stylerunner, we sat down with the designer herself as she takes us through the inspiration behind her namesake fashion label.

How did Jasmine Alexa come about? Take us through your story.

To understand how Jasmine Alexa came about, it’s understanding who I am a person. I’m a fairly quiet, internal person by nature, finding it difficult to express myself in words -you may even say some what of an introvert, but I have always found confidence in expressing myself through fashion and my designs. I am also secretly a tom boy and have a deep love and interest in sport and exercise, namely running and boxing. So naturally my two passions, and ultimately two very strong drivers in my life collided, and Jasmine Alexa was born. The need for me to create honest clothing, that also inspires confidence into the wearers is a prominent driving force in my work, and a reason as to why I started the label.

Where did you draw inspiration from when designing Jasmine Alexa?

Feeling a deep understanding in something, something relatable and relevant, is where I find the vision to create. I have always found inspiration from things that stimulate the mind rather then the eye. Japan and Japanese culture has been one of those mental stimulants for me, but mainly it’s the Japanese design principles or also known as Wabi- Sabi that have truly captivated me. They are as follows:

Kanso: Simplicity, lack of clutter
Fukinsei: Asymmetry, irregularity
Shizen: Naturalness
Yugen: Subtlety
Datsuzoku: Break from routine, transending the unconventional, not the norm
Seijaku: Stillness, an active calm
Shibui: Austerity, understated

These principles emphasise that design should be purposeful, uncomplicated, provide longevity through its aesthetic and craftsmanship and ultimately it should be honest. This ethos is a pillar to how I design and something that I will always infuse into Jasmine Alexa and its evolution.

Who is the Jasmine Alexa girl?

The Jasmine Alexa girl leads a very active lifestyle. She is health conscious and fashion conscious, but very cool and calm in her nature. She is professional, independent, hard working and strong minded, yet she has the tendency to let her hair down every once in a while. Going from the gym, to work, to social events in one day is a common occurrence for her, and she likes to dress to suit all these commitments. She exudes confidence, yet remains humble. She is a go-getter, a trend setter and a woman who is always on the move.

What makes Jasmine Alexa different to other activewear brands?

Jasmine Alexa is an identity rather then just a brand. It’s an accomplice to our active lifestyles allowing us to move and dress seamlessly through this fast pace world. It inspires confidence into those donned in it, through flattering and refined fit, polished minimal design and timeless aesthetic. However, it’s our brand motto, to “set your own pace,” that allows our wearers to move freely, without feeling the need to keep up with the fast world, and more specially, the fast fashion world, that gives the most confidence to the Jasmine Alexa girl.

Being made in Melbourne (our home town) has also given us the opportunity to be very hands on with the production process, meaning the upmost care and excellence has gone into every detail from start to finish. We have distinguished ourselves as not just activewear, but more so as ‘active daywear for active lifestyles.’

How would you best describe Jasmine Alexa in three words?

Purposeful, relatable, timeless.

What are some of the standout features of your activewear range?

Longevity – Achieved through ‘trendless’ and trans-seasonal design reinforced with high quality fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship.
Functionality – Each garment has been refined and tested over and over until we have reached a final outcome that is purposeful, comfortable and not ‘over designed.’
Ease – The collection can easily be work into any existing wardrobe through its minimalistic aesthetic, allowing for seamless wear for going to the gym, to work, to social events and everything in between.


Photography: Georges Antoni.

Shot exclusively for Stylerunner.