words by
Annika Hein
From The Grey Attic

Some people have an innate ability to be continually and devotedly in tune with their surroundings; grounded, authentic. You feel instantaneously comfortable in their presence, as though you’ve been there hundreds of times before… sitting across from each other in a dimly lit bar, elbows on the table, body language leaning forward; familiar, at ease. Most of the time, these people also have what I would describe as the glow, but I use that word not in the traditional sense or by typical interpretation, not as a way to identify a ‘brightness of colour,’ or ‘a warm flushed colour of the cheeks,’ but more as a means to explain their contagious energy, their all consuming aura. You can get lost in people with the glow. And then, there are the really special ones, the ones who on top all else, also have one of the best laughs you’ve ever heard!

Jasmine Gescheit is one of those magical anomalies.

Over glasses of red wine (for her), Hendricks, (for me) and Wolf of the Willows XPA, (for Dean) we laughed… a lot, declared our mutual, if not guilty, love for the greatness that is ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ and spoke in length about the importance of being grateful, of knowing what a gift it truly is to be able to make a life out of what you love and the responsibility of awareness and consciousness that simultaneously comes with that. A true ambassador for the industry, and someone who is fearlessly chasing her dreams, the first collection from Jasmine’s new label, Jasmine Alexa, remains untitled, but the inspiration and depth behind her brand, speaks far deeper than a simple title ever could.


Here’s a little more from Jazz…

Tell us about your day…
Hello, my name is Jazz, from Jasmine Alexa. Today the most interesting thing I heard was at Australian fashion labels, I was having a chat with one of the girls there and we both realised that every Summer while we were growing up, we went to the same little country town in rural Victoria, and it made me think that I need a holiday and would like to go up to YarrawongaAt the moment I am missing Nick because he’s overseas, but dreaming I was overseas too! The first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was how blessed I am to be in the position that I am and then I had a hot shower and got ready for the day. My ultimate goal in life is really simple, just to be happy and my goal for today wasthe same, to just be happy. My star sign is Gemini and I feel the happiest when I am creating, in my studio sewingIf I could live anywhere in the world, I would live either in New York City or Amsterdambecause both cities just have this real vibe about them, there’s a really cool creative scene in both place and they feel familiar, almost like home. My favourite person in the world is my twin sister Daniand the person who is most inspiring to me is my mumWhen I look up at the sky I search for clouds, the shapes in the clouds.




Finish these statements…
My work life balance is….  I guess, my work is my life and my life is my work and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I’m really happy with that.
The most important life lesson I’ve learnt is… You should never be afraid to dream too big, my Mum always said that to me.
My relationship with the kitchen is yeah a good one! I love cooking; it is such a creative thing.
I feel most comfortable…  um, when I’m in my studio doing my thing, by myself, listening to music.
My job has taught me that beauty is… on the inside.
Attention to detail is… imperative.
If I weren’t a designer I would…  probably be a psychologist!
My favourite kind of evening is… a quiet night in, glass of wine, surrounded by the people I love, with a nice home cooked meal.
My workspace could be described as… ha ha ha, umm very clean at times, but also very much an organised mess at times, and that’s often more so the case. Usually one or the other, there’s no in-between.
The first piece of clothing I ever designed and created was… umm, these really hideous purple dupion pants! I made them at uni and still have them today, I’m not sure why I’ve kept them ha ha.
Inspiration should be… really meaningful; it should resonate with you personally.
I would love to learn… a language, probably French or Spanish.
When I’m procrastinating you’ll find me… probably just fluffing around online.
This interview is… fun! Probably the most relaxed interview I’ve ever had.
My favourite street to walk down is… where I grew up, Monckton Rd in Templestonwe.
My favourite word is… sophisticated, I like the way it sounds, it’s nice to say.
2AM is for…. sleeping.


Pick a Side…
Books or podcasts
Print or digital
Records or Spotify
Converted warehouse or a Caribbean hut
Pizza delivery or Brunch
Documentaries or Reality TV
The XX or Jamie XX
AM or PM
Now let’s get a little bit professional… 

In your own words, tell us a little bit about Jasmine Alexa and the first collection… 
The initial idea for Jasmine Alexa, came about two years ago and it was actually a really personal thing. I’d often go out looking for sportswear and I was really uninspired by what was available. And I thought to myself, I’m going to create a range of sportswear that’s comfortable, really cool and functional, but that can also be worn throughout the day time. The first collection is minimal, with a strong focus on texture and fabrication. I’ve tried a lot, where possible to use natural fibers and that’s really important to me. I was inspired a lot by Japanese culture and aesthetic, so it’s all very minimal, there’s purpose behind everything and it’s all really thought out and precise. I want people to know this label is a dream of mine and a really personal journey has gone into this first collection, but at the same time, I want it to be relatable, something that people can really see themselves wearing and can connect with.

How would you describe your aesthetic in just five words…
Minimal, clean, textural, monochromatic and relatable.

What were the promises you made yourself when starting the label…
The other day, I was doing an interview for a school magazine, and the lady said to me, “I noticed a lot of your models are not your conventional stereotypical looking models?” And, you know, I didn’t really pick the girls who were super tall and thin, I picked the girls who I could actually envision wearing my stuff, the girls who were real. I based the choice on personality. And she said to me, “I really respect that, because I’ve got three daughters and body image is such a big issue,” And I said, you know, it’s funny you should mention that, because I actually struggled a lot with that when I was younger, and deep down I never… with this collection, I would never want to push or promote a negative body image. It’s not something I consciously wrote down, but I think I was thinking about it subconsciously and made those decisions for that reason. When I first began working on Jasmine Alexa, I always promised myself I would stay true to myself and not get pushed around by other factors and that’s definitely key for me and something that I’ve followed through with so far.  

Who is the Jasmine Alexa girl…
She’s a health conscious, fashion conscious, professional… so she’s always on the move and she likes to wear things that are comfortable, look cool and that she feels confident in.