words by
Sally Obermeder
From Swiish

There’s nothing like a cute outfit to get you in the mood to move.  It’s true!  As soon as you trade-in those saggy shorts for paneled leggings, a mesh T and a fresh pair of Nike’s, something spectacular happens… it’s called CONFIDENCE.  And it can completely change the way you enter (and leave) the gym.

The best part is, this confidence doesn’t have to stop at the gym exit.  ‘Athleisure’, which started as a basic fashion-meets-fitness trend in early 2015, has now evolved to become one of the most sought-after street styles.  And it’s easy to see why…  I mean seriously, how many trends let you look this cool while secretly being super comfy?

The thing we love about Athleisure is that it just keeps on getting better and better.  In fact, some of it is so good – you won’t want to get it sweaty!  But that’s okay because as well all know, these days, athleisure isn’t just for the gym.  

Below, we’ve listed some of our all-time favourite fitness/fashion brands that we feel have really nailed the new Athleisure look…..

Not quite as well known as P.E. Nation but just as cool, Jasmine Alexa is a Melbourne based brand that fuses active wear and day wear.  We really love the minimalistic styles of their clothing.  It’s simple and cool but also very unique and high-end.  We definitely recommend checking this one out if you’re into understated chic.