Jasmine Alexa’s Minimal Athleisure Line

words by
Cordelia Williamson
From Broadsheet

Like a pair of well-made leggings, Australia’s ongoing obsession with athleisure hasn’t worn. Love it or hate it, it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

For Jasmine Gescheit, founding designer of Melbourne-based Jasmine Alexa, active wear is not a trend but rather a result of a lifestyle shift. “People are into it because it’s suiting a shift in lifestyle,” says Gescheit. “We’re all living such fast-paced lives. Going to the gym then straight to work or other social commitments is such a common thing in our lives now.”

Launched in late 2016, Jasmine Alexa is Australia’s latest active wear brand to break through with clothing that feels both functional and luxurious.

Gescheit’s pared back, polished designs fit well with fabric nailing the brand’s philosophy of “active daywear for active lifestyles”.

“I have kept it monochrome, focusing on texture instead of colour, so it stays timeless. A lot of other brands are quite heavily printed and colourful and I’ve tried to keep it as minimal as possible so it can work into a wardrobe really easily,” she says.

Jasmine Alexa is a considered approach to design, guided by the Japanese design principle of wabi-sabi, integrating simplicity, asymmetry, naturalness, subtlety and stillness. For Gescheit, it’s about championing a slower fashion movement as well as inspiring confidence.

“Design should be purposeful, uncomplicated and honest, providing longevity through its aesthetic and craftsmanship,” says Gescheit. “The fashion industry is so quick these days. I want to slow that down. ‘Fast fashion’ is something I don’t want to be a part of.”

Designed and made in Melbourne, most of the label’s materials are sourced locally. Cotton blends ensure maximum comfort, durability and longevity while mesh allows for ventilation, keeping the body cool and dry. High-quality spandex is long-lasting and feels like a second skin.

Jamie Pees Lehman and Neal Walters (film producers for Australian band Amity Affliction) created a beautiful film to launch the collection. “They absolutely blew us all away with the beauty and softness they captured,” says Gescheit. Jasmine Alexa’s short film Track, created by film maker Tim Brade, was recently nominated for the Australian Fashion Film Awards, and was shortlisted for best Australian fashion film and best special effects.

Featuring a range of monochrome leggings, tops, shorts, dresses, crop tops and outerwear, Collection I is a promising beginning for Gescheit, with Collection II slated for release this year.